Good Drop Water

Canned Mineral and Sparkling Water

We use 50% of profits to help our Earth

Our Water

Available in Two Varieties

Mineral Water

Sparkling Water

Our Water is FDA approved from facilities that bottle clean and healthy water following the highest hygienic standards.

Good Drop Mineral Water Composition / รายชื่อเเร่ธาตุ ในน้าํ แร่ธรรมชาติ

1. Fluoride (F) ฟลูออไรด์ = 0.06 mg/L.
2. Calcium (Ca) แคลเซียม = 4.7 mg/L.
3. Potassium (K) โพรเเทสเซียม=1.3 mg/L.
4. Sodium (Na) โซเดียม =2.82 mg/L.
5. Bicarbonate (HCO3) ไบคาร์บอเนต = 24 mg/L.
6. Magnesium (Mg) แมกนีเซียม= 1.5 mg/L.
7. Zinc (Zn) ซิงค์=น้อยกว่า 0.02 mg/L.
8. Dissolve silica (SiO2) ซิลิกาที่ละลายน้าํ =17.67 mg/L.
9. Chloride คลอไรด=์ 3 mg/L.
10. Iodine ไอโอดีน= น้อยกว่า 0.05 mg/L.
หมายเหตุ: ผลวิเคราะห์ pH 7.00

Good Drop Sparkling Water

Perfect and refreshing on its own, either when served over ice with a slice of lime or straight from the can.

Good Drop Sparkling Water also makes an ideal companion to add to your mixed juice drinks.

  • Terrific around the pool
  • Chills quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Cut the calories of juice drinks
  • Light and refreshing

Why Aluminium?


Aluminium cans are the most sustainable beverage packaging available. Aluminium cans have a higher recycling rate and offer recyclers a higher return than other drink packaging.


Aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable, unlike plastic that can only be recycled once or twice. Recycling takes only 5% of the energy required to produce new aluminium, and as a result, 75% of aluminium is still in use.


Cans are lightweight and therefore easily transportable. Cans are stackable and strong, and will not break like glass.

Helping Our Earth

We use 50% of our profits to help the Earth. We give directly to charities. Some of our favorite charities, who we regularly support are SOS, PHBGTU and SOC.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to nominate your favorite charity and they will have a chance to receive our monthly giveaway.

We feel education is the key to real change in the world. This is why we have a program running in Rawai, Phuket to work with the children living around the Rawai Fishing Village where we help clean the beach, learn about the environment, and we always leave some time to have a lot of fun playing sports.

why we started

Good Drop Water was conceived out of the desire to reduce single use plastic and have a business that gave back to the community. Every can of Good Drop Water that is sold is one less plastic bottle that the environment will have to contend with and every can of Good Drop Water that is sold contributes to a program we support. Win-Win for the environment and the community.

● Since 2022 ●

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